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Get The Work You Want
No Degree Needed!

Change your career path and land a new job!
Get the work you want. Live the life you want!
Learn simple, effective tactics to get you hired!

Get The Work You Want
No Degree Needed!

Change your career path and land a new job!
Get the work you want. Live the life you want!
Learn simple, effective tactics to get you hired!

Get the Workbook

Trying to get hired, but don’t know where to put your efforts?

Thinking of changing your career path but don't know where to start?

Not satisfied with your current job and want to get into something better?

With the Degree Free Workbook, you’ll be working through and learning exactly what it takes to get a job in today’s ever-changing job market.

With hard work and dedication to learning these principles, we’ve seen people go from making $30,000/year to over $100,000+/year in a few short weeks.

If you're ready to get the work you want, then click "Get the Book" and let's get started!

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Who Is This For?

Changing Jobs

Know the work you want but don't know how to get it?
Discover the paths you can take towards your next job.

Don't Know Where To Start

Find your new job path. 
Identify the skills you have.
Learn the skills you need.

Want to Switch Careers

Skill up to your next career.
Navigate the changing job market to get paid.

What's in the Book?

Get everything you need to pick your path and get hired.
Over 200 pages of simple and effective tactics to get the work you want.

Breakdown of Tech Jobs, Certifications, and Skills

Cybersecurity? Data Analytics? Project Management? We break 'em down for you and show you options for learning.

Interview and Negotiation Tactics and Prep

Not good at interviewing? We can help with that. We'll show you how to ask for what you want.

Skills Inventory

How to figure out which skills you already have. And which skills you need to get where you want to go!

Resume and Cover Letter Templates

We did all the guesswork, so you can just fill out and send!


A few people we've helped along the way.

Beth S.

From Roanoke, Virginia
"College never appealed to me. Thought about the military because I like to work on engines.

I was working in a restaurant, and then I found the Degree Free guide on Tiktok one day.

Used the instructions on how to keep applying for jobs, I got a spot in paid welding training program, and now I'm going to be an underwater welder!"

Mahea H.

From Honolulu, Hawaii
""The company I work at is great, and I've been there for 2 years.

My benefits are good but my job does not pay much. I have a lot of debt, and I realized I was not going to be able to pay it off, travel, and live a little unless I started to make more, but I really, really didn't want to quit.

The Degree Free guide showed me how to use my education credit at my company and transition into a new role. I didn't even have to move companies, and I'm really glad."

Mason K.

From Las Vegas, Nevada
"I teach middle school science. I love my kids, but not the job.
I felt like I needed to go back to school and try to figure out something else but with covid and just buying a house, it seemed like too much money.

The Degree Free guide showed me how to search for jobs and brainstorm, and laid out how Amazon has cheap education certifications for teachers and students. A lot of the jobs make over six figures.

It sounded crazy, but I did my own research, and I'll be taking my AWS exam over the summer and be applying to jobs in the fall."
I don't know where to start. Is the workbook right for me?
Yes! The Degree Free workbook is a great place to start for anyone looking to make a change in their career.

In the workbook we'll teach you how to:
- Figure out the skills you have
- Identify the skills you need to get the job you want 
- Effectively apply to jobs
- Interview like a pro
- And much more!
I'm looking for remote work. Can the workbook help me?
Absolutely! Many of the jobs we teach you about in this workbook can be remote. 

This workbook will help you identify the skills you need to apply to these jobs and ace your interview!
How do I access my workbook once I buy?
After you buy, we'll be sending an email to your inbox with directions to access your workbook.

Just follow the directions in each email and you’ll be on your way to getting hired!

Get Your Workbook Today!

For $250