July 16, 2021

Why Degree Free? And a Little About Us - Ep. 3

Ryan and Hannah on Who They Are, Negotiating after Graduating, and Dropping Out of College in the Middle of a Midterm 

Why Degree Free  is the Future of Work and How That Looks in Our Lives

Aloha folks!

We talk about who we are and why we started Degree Free.

On this episode, we introduce ourselves and what we do for a living.

Ryan tells the story of his first big boy job out of college and the reaction he got negotiating.

Hannah talks about how she dropped out and ended up working in tech.

Ryan talks about real job requirements, and we both discuss how to hold your own when applying for 'degree required' jobs without a degree.

Hannah and Ryan go into the marketing that colleges have done to brand themselves as job providers.

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Thanks for listening!

Much aloha,

- R and H
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Want to hear what we discussed on the last episode? Listen as we break down why college degrees aren't actually required for college degree required jobs, how you can get one of those jobs, and why you should start applying to all jobs you want, even if you don't fit the requirements! 
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