July 13, 2021

What is Degree Free? - Ep. 1

What is Degree Free, and Why Should You Care?

The very first episode of Degree Free!

Aloha folks!

We are Ryan and Hannah Maruyama. We live in Honolulu, Hawaii, have degree free careers, and own several small businesses.

In the last year, we've helped friends, family, and strangers to realize that they can find amazing careers and learn outside of college.

We ignore the rules about how work and business should be done, and find ways you can accomplish your goals, no matter where you are starting.

In this episode, we talk about what you can do with a college degree, and go over how many things you are barred from. Hint: it's way less than you think.

Here's what can you do instead of college:
- Get a job in your desired field
- Find paid training or have a company pay for you
- Ask a business owner to train you
- Buy a business and include training in the sale
- Get a professional certification

We're breaking it down; don't miss this episode!

Much aloha,
R and H

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