March 1, 2023

The 4 Week Career Change Crash Course (DF#86)

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Today, we are stoked to announce that we have created a course to bring all of the strategies we’ve taught on this podcast and throughout the years into one system that helps people change careers!

We get a ton of messages from people wanting our help to teach themselves new skills, get better jobs, or make career changes, and we wanted to make something that would get people what they want!

If you're ready to take the leap and pursue a new career path, tune in to the full episode to learn about our career change crash course.

We'll talk about how it'll help you transition to a new career to land your dream job, who it is for, and how you can apply.

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Enjoy the episode!

Want to make a huge career change?

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If that's you, then check out our Career Change Crash Course. We'll teach you how to identify the skills you need to get the work you want, how to craft a story around your past experience, and how to sell your skills to your future employer!

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Episode Transcript
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Ryan: Aloha folks, and welcome back to the podcast. I'm your host, Ryan Maruyama and I just wanted to say I am really excited for today's episode. We are gonna be talking about the Career Change crash course that we are doing coming up very soon. You can learn everything about it at

Ryan: Once again, go to degree to learn everything about it. I hope you guys listen to this episode, like what you hear, and I hope to see you guys in our crash course.

Ryan: Aloha folks, and welcome back to Degree Free where we teach you how to get hired. We are your hosts, Ryan and Hannah Maruyama. It is great to have you back. 

Hannah: Welcome back. Welcome back to the podcast. We are happy to be here. As always.

Ryan: We're gonna skip all the preamble today and the newsletters and all that.

Ryan: Please do all that. Please leave a review and all that too because I am super excited to announce what we've been working on. 

Hannah: Okay guys, hold on to your seats and your pants and your hats folks. Today we are stoked to announce that we have created a course to bring all of the strategies that we have been teaching on this podcast for going on two years now into one system that you can use to change jobs.

Hannah: It is called the Degree Free four Week Career Change Crash course, and we are just really excited and I are gonna teach you how to get into a new job fast. We're gonna teach you strategies and tactics so that when you're applying, you're not just hearing silence, you're not just hearing no responses.

Hannah: After you put out all these applications, we're gonna make sure that you know exactly what you need to learn and where you need to learn it, because a lot of folks that listen to this podcast are looking to learn a new skill to get into a job that they have no experience in. And one thing that really freezes people up is the fact that I don't, they just say, oh, I don't know.

Hannah: I don't know what to learn. I don't know where to start. I don't even know what to do or where to look for it and so we're gonna clear that up. Teach you how to do that so that you're sure of what you're learning and why you're learning it, and it's gonna teach you a ton of other stuff that you really need to know, like how to build a network, how to negotiate, and how to kill interviews in a job transition.

Ryan: I wanted to call out a couple of things that you said there because there are two of the biggest things that we hear all the time, which is, how do I get a job? In a different industry when I have no experience, like how do I make my past experiences relevant to these future jobs? If you've been thinking about making that career change into a completely different industry and you're not quite sure how to get there, what to learn, what you need to do, This is it.

Ryan: This is the course for you. A lot of people are in completely different industries from the ones they wanna be in, and you're just like, I don't know how to make my experience now make sense to a future employer. Like, how do I go from construction to sales? Or how do I go from being a server to being a developer, right?

Ryan: Like how can I relate my past experience? To the person in front of me and not be like, oh yeah, I just don't know anything. 

Hannah: Yep. And that's a huge one is people just are really unsure of what's, of how to address the gap and just say, oh, this is why this is relevant in this job and this is why it makes me a great fit for this new job that I'm trying to get into.

Ryan: This course is gonna go over how to do that and how to identify those skills, discover those skills, and then sell those skills to different companies and then networking. We've heard literally every guest that has come on this podcast has talked about networking and the importance of building that network.

Hannah: Every single one. 

Ryan: It's so important that everybody's talking about it. Not a lot of people talk about how to build it from the ground up from zero, and we're gonna teach you how to do that. I mean, when we first started, We didn't have a network.

Hannah: No, we did not have one at all. And when I first, when, yeah, when I first got , my first tech job, I didn't have a network. I didn't know anybody. Literally zero people. And you can go from zero to having a network. 

Ryan: Absolutely. You don't need to know people at first to start building that network. It's never been easier. I know a lot people don't want to hear that, but with social media and LinkedIn and different platforms like YouTube and TikTok and everything like that, you can quote unquote network.

Ryan: Anywhere and we're gonna teach you how to do that. So that's what the course is about. Talking about who it would be for. Now I want to be honest and upfront, this course is not gonna be for everybody, right? Like this course is not a magic bullet. If you're expecting to sign up for this crash course and you think that you're instant magically gonna get a job tomorrow without doing any work like this course probably isn't for you.

Ryan: You're gonna have to do a lot of hard work to get the results that you want, but you will get results. You're gonna have to go outside of your comfort zone. The things that we teach and the, well I even say teach, but like the things that we do in our own life, which is which are the things that we're teaching, they're very simple.

Hannah: Yeah. 

Ryan: Everything that we do is really simple.

Hannah: Very simple. 

Ryan: It's just not all of it is easy. 

Ryan: Yeah, it 

Hannah: is tough. 

Ryan: Yeah, not all of it's easy and if you're willing to put in the work to make that career change, to get that new job, you're gonna get results. This course is for you. 

Hannah: This is for you. If you are trying to make a career change, this is for you.

Hannah: If you don't know where to learn the skills that you need to get the job that you want, and you don't know how long they're gonna take, and you don't know. Where to go looking for them, and you don't know what's actually required in order to get the job that you want. This is for you if you want a new career and you kind of know what you might wanna do, but you're not really sure.

Hannah: This is for you if you don't even know what existing skills that you have. This is for you. If you think you can't interview with no experience. This is for you. If you think you can't interview without the right degree. If you're degree free and you think you can't interview for a job, this is for you If you are doubting your ability to transition into a new job because you don't think you have the knowledge, the know-how or the tactics to do so.

Ryan: And just to expound on that, if you've been in the job search for a while and you just feel like you've been out there and it's lonely and you don't know what to do, if you've been applying to jobs like there's no tomorrow, and you're just like, I'm not getting anywhere. 

Ryan: This is for you. We've learned these tactics over years of helping people make career transitions from one seemingly unrelated industry to another. At this point, we probably help somebody in every industry. There is 

Hannah: just about 

Ryan: from transitioning from retail work to being a developer or helping stay-at-home moms become business analysts.

Hannah: That being said, Ryan and I are really excited about this. We put a ton of time into making this course awesome and making sure it addresses all of the things that people come to us and say they're struggling with. 

Ryan: Yep. Absolutely. I think I've got like, between the two of us, I think it's like, oh yeah, it's like 500 hours or so into this.

Ryan: And the reason why we spent so much time on it is because we want it to be as comprehensive as possible. 

Hannah: Yeah. It's got everything. 

Ryan: We want you to be able to use this resource for years to come. We want you to be able to watch. Read, learn it, put it into action, and then come back and refer back to it when you need to.

Ryan: This is exactly the resource that I wish that I had when I was first starting out, when I was first making that career change. Right? So I, when I first got outta college, I didn't have any real work experience, like zero. I had zero job prospects and I had zero experience other than working in restaurants.

Ryan: Like I was a bartender. I started as a dishwasher. I worked up to a bartender, but I didn't know that I had skills. Like I didn't know that at the time. So I was applying for all these entry level jobs and different jobs that I thought I would like. But if I had this resource, maybe my life would've been much different.

Ryan: Maybe I would've been going for a different industry entirely rather than getting into banking, which is what I got into for a little while. 

Hannah: So just be clear too, is this a video course or a cohort? 

Ryan: When we were first telling this concept to people, that's the number one question that they asked us. Like, what is it?

Ryan: It's both. So you're gonna get the best of both worlds. You're gonna get weekly workshops and Q&As with the both of us, so you can get personalized help. So you can get answers to the questions that you need answers, because that is the thing that people say the most. 

Hannah: I'm so excited about this too. I'm really excited to get with people and hear what's going on.

Ryan: I have a question and I need it answered right, and we have jumped on the phone with many, many people, but we can't jump on the phone with everybody. 

Hannah: Yeah, it's tough. 

Ryan: We can't do it, but we 

Ryan: can do it in a group environment and you can still get your questions answered. 

Hannah: And something we found too is that when you're helping people on a one-on-one basis, it's really siloed.

Hannah: So if you spend all this time and energy writing and cataloging resources and guiding people, basically making a career map for them, a career change map for them, all of that's lost. No one else can see it. It's in private conversation but if it was somewhere where other people could see it, it could help other people too.

Hannah: And that was something that you and I were like, this has got to, we've got to do something about this. 

Ryan: Yeah, definitely. And that's the reason why we made it cohort based as well as a video based. I'll get to the video in a second, but as far as the cohort goes, we had to make a decision about how many people we were gonna let in this thing because we know that there's a lot of you guys out there that are gonna be super excited about this and wanna work with us but if we had a group, we sat down and we thought like, man, if we had a hundred people in this group at the start, which I think is reasonable, it's gonna be too big. It's gonna be too big, and people are gonna get lost in the crowd and they're not gonna get the help that they need.

Hannah: Yeah. And everybody has such unique questions. 

Ryan: Exactly. And so we're not gonna be able to give the time to address those questions. And so we made the decision to cap it at 20. We're gonna do per cohort. We're gonna have 20 people maximum coming in through our course so that you can get all of the personalized support, all the personalized help that you need in order to move along and expedite your job change, and then to talk about the video portion of it.

Ryan: You are also gonna get the Job Change Accelerator, which is a self-paced video course with 12 modules that's gonna teach you everything you need to know about the degree free way of applying to jobs and getting your next job. The reason why we wanted to do it in this hybrid way is because we wanted to give you a resource that you could come back to over and over again.

Ryan: A lot of times when you just do a cohort course, yeah, you might get the recordings, which you'll get with us too, but you might not get all of the knowledge and all of the questions that you needed answered. So with the video course, we're able to help you along the whole process of your job search journey.

Hannah: And another thing we've heard, we heard a ton and that's why we did this, but a lot of people say that the job search is really lonely and then we realize with our problem of when you're helping somebody one-on-one, all of that information gets lost and our solution to that is the degree free community.

Hannah: And that is gonna be a place where we can help each other. Where we can post questions, where we can crowdsource information and problem solving from a degree free way. Because the thing is, Ryan and I are only two people, but when you get a bunch of people together with a bunch of different diverse life experience and backgrounds and in different industries with different goals and different whys, that is going to give you a really well-rounded group of people to help you work through stuff that you're going through in your job hunt and that super excited about that. Very like that is, oh, it's awesome. 

Ryan: Yep. Absolutely. And then last, there's a bunch of bonuses that you'll be getting. Seven bonuses from, everything from learning how to network, like we talked about, how to dominate LinkedIn, and then how to gain that first experience when you don't have any, right? Like we've all been there, we've seen the job descriptions, we've seen 'em, and then we says entry level, three to five years of experience.

Ryan: You're like, what the hell man? 

Hannah: They're just making it up. 

Ryan: Yeah. What's going on over here, but, They want experience one, you're gonna apply to that job anyway. Right? If you've been listening to this podcast for any amount of time, you know that you're going to apply to that job anyway. But okay. How can we gain experience if all of these jobs really do want experience?

Hannah: We call it experience hacking. 

Ryan: Yeah. We're gonna experience hacking. We're gonna do much, much more. If this sounds good to you and you guys want to get in, you wanna learn more, go to and apply now. There's a really short application process. It's 10 questions or so. It's gonna take four minutes of your time, and then there is an interview afterwards.

Ryan: You're gonna schedule an interview. It's really just an informal 15 minute conversation that you're gonna have with either me or Hannah, and we're just gonna get on a video chat and just kind of talk about your goals, what you're currently doing for work, and what you want to do for work. We really just wanna make sure that this is the right program for you. 

Hannah: And we wanna meet you because we'll be coaching you along the way.

Hannah: By the end of this, you'll be confident in self-teaching, finding, applying, interviewing, and negotiating and getting your new job.

Ryan: And we are really, really stoked about this guys, and we're really excited to help more and more people get this community off the ground, get this crash course off the ground, and start helping people get the work.

Hannah: Yeah, and we worked really hard on it for you and we think it's really, really gonna make a difference in a lot of people's lives. 

Ryan: So once again, go to degree to learn more and to apply now. Until next time, guys. Aloha.

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