Guide your teen to the right career path without the college debt!
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Help Your 16-20 Year Old Build the Life They Want

The Degree Free Way will teach you how to guide your young adult to a path that helps them:
Skip the College Cost
Discover Better Options
Gain Clear Direction
The Degree Free Way Set

Young adults are taught to pick work the wrong way.

The current system teaches them to pick their path based on random personality tests and high school "passions".
Their life goals are never part of the process. This causes unnecessary stress, wastes years, and creates mountains of college debt.
No one asks them the simple question: “Will this job help you build the life you want?”
Focusing on their goals will help them get work that lets them live the life they want. Yet, current career counseling is a maze of outdated advice and unnecessary assessments that lead nowhere.
For years, there wasn't a better way.
Overworked guidance counselors and late-night Google searches are the only sources of information. Putting all that information together is confusing and overwhelming. There’s no strategy to discover jobs that will work for your young adult. There’s no clear way to help them sort through their options.
No one has put it all together — until now.
The Degree Free Way has helped hundreds of families launch their young adults into their independent lives.
Included are all the exercises and frameworks you need to guide your young adult to job options that enable them to reach their goals.

Avoid Guesswork. Save Time. Save Money.

Avoid Guesswork.
Save Time. Save Money.

Avoid Guesswork.
Save Time.
Save Money.

Create a focused path

Focused Path

Get a clear, actionable plan that aligns with your child's goals
Save time

Save Time

Skip the wasted years spent in college figuring out what to do
Save money

Save Money

Avoid unnecessary tuition and debt by finding Degree Free career paths
The Degree Free Way saves your young adult from expensive trial and error by putting them on a focused path.
Dad and his daughter deciding her future career options

Is This Book For You?

If you're frustrated by the lack of resources schools provide
If you're worried about the high cost of college
If you want alternatives and new pathways
If you're looking for a way to help your child find a path that fits their life goals without the burden of debt
If you're struggling with any of this, this book will help you confidently create a path with your child!

From Overwhelmed to Optimistic

The Degree Free Way is based on proven strategies we've used to help countless families find great careers for their young adults.
We combine practical exercises and real-world examples so every step is clear.
The Degree Free Way provides the direction your young adult needs, whether they have no idea what they want to do or have a specific job in mind.
We'll show you the way — The Degree Free Way!
Mom and son working through his work options

What You'll Get

Custom Job Options for Your Child

Custom Job Options

Develop a personalized system to find jobs that match their personal needs and lifestyle
Gain a clear direction

Clear Direction

Discover a focused career path that fits their goals and eliminates post-high school confusion
Decide if they need a degree

Degree Decision

Decide whether or not a degree is actually required for their career path

Here's How We'll Help

Our workbook set is designed for parents and young adults who know there's a better way to a great life.
It's perfect if you want to:
Help them find fulfilling work that doesn't require a degree
Avoid insane college costs
Provide your child with clear options that align with their life goals

Why The Degree Free Way Works

Built on proven principles

The Degree Free Way has been developed and refined with real families in our Degree Free Launch Program.
Each exercise is designed to help young adults identify their needs, explore their job options, and find direction for their future. The Degree Free Way will provide amazing options - no degree needed.
We battle tested the most effective exercises and essential conversations you can use to help your young adult pick their path.
We put them all in this workbook set for your family.
By the end of this workbook, you and your young adult will have:

✅ A system to come up with job ideas they don’t know

✅ Identified exactly what they need from their future work opportunities to reach their life goals

✅ Developed a practical system to evaluate future work

✅ Decided if buying a college degree is necessary to get the work they want

✅ Focused their work options to 3 jobs that fulfill their life goals

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Meet Ryan and Hannah

Ryan and Hannah Maruyama are the founders of Degree Free and the Degree Free movement.

Through their Degree Free Launch Program, the Degree Free team provides custom career options for young adults that align with their goals. The Degree Free Launch Program has collectively saved families millions in college tuition and years of wasted time buying unnecessary paper.

The Degree Free mission is to enable all young adults to use their work to build lives they love.

Ryan Maruyama and Hannah Maruyama from Degree Free with Blue Gradient Background and white dots
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In one weekend, you can have a clear career direction for your 16-20 year old.
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I’m looking for options other than college for my child. Will this help us?
Absolutely, this is exactly what you're looking for! Our workbook set is designed specifically for exploring a wide range of career options beyond buying a college degree. It’s packed with practical exercises and guidance to help your young adult discover career paths that help them reach their life goals, and how they can get there without a degree.

You and your child will work together through the steps, uncovering opportunities that align with their goals. It’s all about creating a clear and promising future so they can live the life they want.
What age is this for?
Our workbooks are for parents and their 16-20 year old children to make big decisions about their futures.
What if my child has no idea what they want to do?

Great! They don't have to know. We'll help them figure it out!

The Degree Free Way guides you and your young adult through exercises to identify their life goals. It lets them explore different career paths they hadn't thought of. This helps them figure out which jobs fit their goals.

By the end of the book, they'll have a clear path forward!

What if my child already has a career in mind?

Our workbook helps confirm if the chosen career aligns with their life goals. It will also help them decide whether or not buying a degree is necessary for that career path.

The Degree Free Way is especially useful if you're worried about how realistic their career plans are. It will help them see if their chosen path will let them live the life they want.

What if my child doesn't like or do "well" in school?

It doesn't matter.

The Degree Free Way focuses on practical, real-world career paths, not scores from a failing school system. It provides pathways to fulfilling careers without the need to buy a college degree.

How is this different from traditional career counseling?

Unlike status quo career counseling, which often focuses on personality tests, academic scores, and degree paths, The Degree Free Way prioritizes your young adult’s life goals first. Once those are identified, they'll find career paths that enable them to achieve those goals.

The Degree Free Way provides personalized guidance and real-world strategies to achieve life goals without a college degree.

Will this workbook really help my child find a career?

Yes! Our workbook provides practical exercises and guidance based on proven methods. Many young adults have successfully used our strategies to find fulfilling careers without needing to buy a degree.

Will this really help my child avoid college debt?

Yes! The workbook focuses on finding career paths that don’t require a degree, thus avoiding the high costs of college tuition. It helps identify alternative education and training options that are cost-effective and directly aligned with career goals. Our methods have saved families millions of dollars.

What am I getting?

You’re getting a powerful set of tools to guide your young adult's career journey!

This set includes two workbooks:

  • one for your young adult to dive into career options and exercises that match their goals
  • another for you to support them along the way

It’s a team effort to help your young adult build a bright Degree Free future.

When am I getting it?

We’re on it! We're finishing up the final touches to make sure it's the most effective future planning tool you've ever used. 

Your workbook set will be on its way by mid-September. We’ll make sure you’re updated regularly, so you know exactly when to expect it. 

We’re as excited as you are to get these to you!

I have multiple children in the age range. Can I buy more than one Young Adult workbook?

Absolutely! We understand that this problem doesn't just go away when one of them finds their path.

At checkout, you'll have the opportunity to buy up to 3 extra Young Adult copies. This way, each of your children can have their own workbook to personalize their career path.

It's a great way to ensure all your kids find their own direction, The Degree Free Way!

How long does it take to go through the book?

While the workbook can be completed in a day, we recommend spreading it out over a weekend. The time allows for thoughtful discussion and consideration during each exercise.

How much is it?

Right now, you can grab the workbook set for just $49.

That’s a steal compared to the launch price of $70.

This deal won’t last forever, so don’t miss out on the chance to set your young adult up for success.

Ok, I'm ready. What do I do next?
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