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Top 3 Lessons We’ve Learned From You - Ep. 50

Today's episode is a special one because it's our 50th episode!

4 Side Hustle Ideas to Start Today (Part 2) - Ep. 49

Today, we're going to talk about 4 side hustles that you can start right now to learn skills, grow your network, increase your confidence and earn money!

4 Reasons Why You Need To Start a Side Hustle (Part 1) - Ep. 48

Today, we're going to talk about why creating a side hustle can benefit you in your career, even if you don't want to be an entrepreneur!

Summer Jobs and 4 Alternative Project Ideas - Ep.47

With summer in full swing, we are going to be talking about how you can get summer jobs the Degree Free way!

9 Jobs Restaurant Workers Are Already Qualified For - Ep. 46

A lot of you guys wanted to know about different job opportunities for people who work in the service industry. Today, we’re going to talk about it!

The Top 5 US Cities for Job Growth - Ep. 45

Most of us are wondering, where are the jobs?

So today, we are going to tell you the top 5 cities/metropolitan areas for job growth in 2022!

The Biggest Job Lies: "You Need to Love Your Job" - Ep. 44

We hear all the time that we need to love our jobs. This is one of the biggest lies that we’ve all been told.

How Often Should You Be Applying For Jobs Even When You Have One? - Ep. 43

There are many reasons why you should keep on applying for jobs when you have a job. Watch the full episode to learn how often should you apply for jobs when you're employed!

How Many Resumes Should You Have? - Ep. 42

Most of us are qualified for different job titles. But is one resume enough?

How to Become a Teacher Without a College Degree - Ep. 41

Becoming a teacher is one of the most fulfilling careers that you can take. It's one of the best careers where you can directly contribute to the community in a meaningful way.

Which Jobs You Think Require a College Degree But Don't - Ep. 40

Surprisingly, there are many great, high paying jobs that actually don’t require degrees. Learn which ones you can take without spending years of studying in college!

How to Get Over Imposter Syndrome After Getting a New Job - Ep. 39

Imposter Syndrome is real, especially after getting a new job, and here's how to deal with it!

Jobs That ACTUALLY REQUIRE College Degrees - Ep. 38

There are actually very few jobs that ACTUALLY REQUIRE college degrees. Listen to the full episode and be surprised to learn how many jobs you can actually have without a degree!

Why Should You Write a Book - Ep. 37

Everyone has a book they can write, and there are a ton of reasons why you should write a book! Listen to the full episode and learn from the experiences of Hannah and Ryan on how being a self-published author helped their lives and businesses!

How to Become a Published Author and Start Making Passive Income - Ep. 36

It's now easier than ever to become a published author in the digital age. Listen to the full episode and learn how to become an author and make passive extra income on the side!

How to Talk to a Teenager About Going Degree Free - Ep. 35

With alternative education on the rise and college degrees being worth less and less, it's now time to educate the next generation on how they can have successful careers without going into huge debt.

How to Become a Consultant - Ep. 34

If you value freedom and flexibility, consulting might be the right career for you. So here's an episode just for you if you want to dive into the world of consulting!

How to Turn Your Current Job Into a 1099 Role and Make More Money - Ep. 33

Turning your job into a 1099 contractor role can provide you with many benefits. You’ll pay lesser taxes, and companies tend to pay a higher rate to 1099 workers than they do for W2 employees. Listen to the full episode to learn why!

What to Do When You Suddenly Lose Your Job - Ep. 32

Suddenly losing your job can be devastating but it’s not the end of the world. Here are some tips so you can easily get back on your feet!

How to Handle Rejection and Keep on Going - Ep. 31

Getting rejected after applying through hundreds of jobs will surely wear you out. Listen to the full episode to learn how to handle rejection and keep on going to achieve your goals!

How to Start a Services Business - Ep. 30

We always preach that the quickest way to be cash flow positive is to create a services-based business. So, here’s an episode on how you can start one!

What Does a Salesforce Admin Do - Ep. 29

Salesforce Admin is one of the best jobs you can have without a degree. When junior positions are ranging from $70 to $75k, and the certification costs only a few hundred dollars, it’s indeed one of the best jobs you can have out there.

How to Prepare for Job Interviews - Ep. 28

Being interviewed for a job can be daunting, but with proper preparation and planning, you can rest assured that you’ll have a successful interview!

How to Stay Motivated When Applying - Ep. 27

We’re currently in a weird, broken, and tough job market where it takes up to a hundred applications before you get an interview and the average unemployment time is 29 weeks. So, here’s an episode for you to help keep you motivated and prevent burnout when applying for jobs!

How To Study for a Tech Certification as an Adult - Ep. 26

Are you studying for a tech certification exam? Learn tips and strategies that we used to pass our certification exams and get hired for a tech role!

How To Negotiate Remote Work - Ep. 25

One of the very few advantages of the pandemic is it opened up the world to remote work. So if you’re thinking of negotiating remote work with your employer, we made an episode just for you!

How to Get a Sales Job With No Sales Experience - Ep.24

Working on sales is one of the best things you can do and if you’re thinking of getting into sales when you have no sales experience, listen to this episode!

Why You Should Apply During the Holidays - Ep 23

All of us are tempted to take a break this holiday season. It’s the busiest time of the year and it’s not a good time to apply for jobs, right? Well, that’s not true!

How to Tell Your Family You Are Not Going to College - Ep 22

Telling your family that you’re taking a different path from college is one of the hardest things you’re gonna do. There’s no easy way to do it but we prepared this episode so that you can make it easier and learn from our experience!

Why You Should Get A Sales Job - Ep 21

Learning sales will teach you transferrable skills that can help you throughout your career, business and personal life!

What Does an IT Business Analyst Do - Ep. 20

Do you want to know what does an IT Business Analyst do? Let’s hear it from Hannah herself as she walks us through her day to day life as an IT Business Analyst!

Where Are the Best Places to Find Jobs Online - Ep. 19

A lot of you are asking where are the best places to find a job online, so here it is!

How Do You Know if You Should Drop Out of College - Ep. 18

If you’re currently in college and you’re thinking of dropping out, you’re in the right place! Watch the full episode to learn what you should do!

Things You Need to Know Before Job Negotiations - Ep. 17

Wondering how to negotiate and get the best out of a job? Watch the full episode to learn tips and tricks so that you can nail the job negotiations!

How to Interview When You Have No Experience - Ep. 16

In this episode, we discuss how to nail that interview even if you have no experience or skills in that field!

How to Teach Yourself Valuable Skills - Ep. 15

In this episode, we discuss how to teach yourself valuable skills so that you can land that dream job!

How to Pick Employable Skills - Ep.14

In this episode, we discuss how to know exactly the skills you need to learn for you to land that dream job.

Should You Finish Your Degree? - Ep. 13

in this episode, we discuss whether or not finishing your degree is the right choice. We also share tips on how to research jobs that require degrees so you can apply anyway.

How to Leverage Marriage or Partnership to Help Grow Wealth - Ep. 12

In this episode, we share the lessons we learned from launching businesses and growing wealth together as a married couple. We discuss the challenges, our relationship's dynamics and our tips on how we made it work.

Always Be Ready to Job Leap - Ep. 11

In this episode, we discuss how you can be ready to job leap at all times, why work stability is not real and we also share tips on which skills to learn to make yourself marketable.

How to Job Search Without a College Degree - Ep. 10

We discuss how to get a job you want, without a degree. Learn how to set goals, how to prepare and research for an interview, and much more!

How to Get a Job You Want Without a College Degree - Ep. 9

We discuss why you need to be applying to jobs where you don’t fit the requirements, why the real barrier to employment for most people is eliminating themselves before employers would, and much more!

What Are Some of the Highest Paying Jobs You Can Get Without a Degree - Ep. 8

You don't need a college degree to make a great living! We discuss a bunch of ways to make it happen: work in profit centers, sales, management, and much more!

How to Get Tech Certifications - Ep. 7

We discuss the value of tech certifications and how to get them. Getting a tech certification is a great way to make you stand out in the job market. They're valuable and highly sought after.

What to Do Instead of Going Back to College? - Ep. 6
What Types of Businesses Can You Start Without a Degree? - Ep. 5

We talk about different businesses you can start without a degree. Spoiler Alert: It's any type. We also talk about what are the easiest businesses to start.

Do You Need a College Degree in 2021? - Ep. 4

Which jobs actually require college degrees? Not many! Let's dive in!

Why Degree Free? And a Little About Us - Ep. 3

We talk about who we are and why we started Degree Free. On this episode, we introduce ourselves, what we do for a living, and how Degree Free got started.

College Degree NOT Required - Ep. 2

Ryan and Hannah on why colleges degrees are NOT actually required, self eliminating from jobs, and so much more!

What is Degree Free? - Ep. 1

Let's talk about what you can do instead of go to college! The shocking fact is that most Americans have never been told that they do not HAVE to go to college.

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