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What If YOU Could Save Your Child $100,000 and 5.5 Years?

What they need is simple: a clear roadmap to great work, without the massive cost of college.
Apply for the Degree Free Launch Program
Ryan Maruyama and Hannah Maruyama from Degree Free


Launch into life!

Give your child what you wish you had:

  • clear options
  • a structured plan
  • a running start

There's a new world of work out there.

Prepare them for it.

Degree Free Launch Plan

The College Con

Colleges aren't preparing your child for the future. But... they are charging more and taking longer than ever.

The 4-6 years after high school are the most important years of their new adult lives. College burns those years! 

But, what if they were prepared for work now?

Our program equips them for new adulthood:

  • Assess their abilities and talents
  • Accomplish goals and pick their path
  • Identify skills to get the work they want
  • Structure study to learn skills, not just pass a test
  • Earn experience to make them employable

We'll be with them every step of the way!

This is more than a course.

This is a life launch!

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Save $100,000

Colleges force students to pay for useless classes.
Save tens of thousands of dollars by creating a custom curriculum.

Get Hired

Buying a degree and hoping to get hired is backwards. 
Your child will learn specific skills to get work in an increasingly skill-based world.

Save Years

Most college graduates take 5.5 years to graduate, not 4...
Learn in-demand skills to get hired within a year.

A few people we've helped along the way.

Beth S.

From Roanoke, Virginia
"College never appealed to me.

 Thought about the military because I like to work on engines.

I was working in a restaurant, and then I found the Degree Free guide on Tiktok one day.

Used the instructions on how to keep applying for jobs, I got a spot in paid welding training program, and now I'm going to be an underwater welder!"

Mahea H.

From Honolulu, Hawaii
"The company I work at is great, and I've been there for 2 years.

My benefits are good but my job does not pay much. I have a lot of debt, and I realized I was not going to be able to pay it off, travel, and live a little unless I started to make more, but I really, really didn't want to quit.

The Degree Free guide showed me how to use my education credit at my company and transition into a new role. I didn't even have to move companies, and I'm really glad."

Mason K.

From Las Vegas, Nevada
"I teach middle school science. I love my kids, but not the job.

I felt like I needed to go back to school and try to figure out something else but with covid and just buying a house, it seemed like too much money.

The Degree Free guide showed me how to search for jobs and brainstorm, and laid out how Amazon has cheap education certifications for teachers and students. A lot of the jobs make over six figures.

It sounded crazy, but I did my own research, and I'll be taking my AWS exam over the summer and be applying to jobs in the fall."
Apply Now!
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