August 10, 2021

How to Get Tech Certifications - Ep. 7

The Branded Mini Degree: How to Get a $70k Tech Job in 31 Days With Only $362

How to get a Technical Certification 101: Are Bootcamps Worth It? What Type of Cert Can You Get? What if You Hate Computers?

We discuss how to get a tech certification! This is a highly requested episode.

Welcome to Degree Free, where we explain what you can do instead of go to college, and how to teach yourself, get work, and make good money.

On this episode, we talk about:

  • the value of a technical bootcamp and when it might makes sense to go to one
  • how technical certifications are like branded mini degrees
  • many companies are quietly hiring people without degrees, and which companies have gone public about it

Ryan explains that it's worth trying to get some sort of certification before going to college because it’s cheaper.

Hannah talks about how she got her Salesforce Administrator certification in 31 days and landed a job right after completing the certification, without a college degree or previous experience.

Hope you all enjoy the episode!

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Thanks for listening, aloha guys!

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