April 6, 2022

How to Get Over Imposter Syndrome After Getting a New Job - Ep. 39

How to Get Over Imposter Syndrome After Getting a New Job and How to Deal With It

Here's What You Should Do

Imposter Syndrome is real, especially after getting a new job, and here's how to deal with it!

Welcome to Degree Free, where we explain what you can do instead of going to college, and how to teach yourself, get work, and make good money.

In this episode, we talk about:

• Why having an imposter syndrome on a new job is normal and it happens to almost everyone
• What are the steps you can take to deal with imposter syndrome and get acclimated to your new job
• The importance of communication and how to properly communicate when you're struggling in your new job

Ryan shares how learning to acknowledge your failures will tremendously help you in overcoming imposter syndrome.

Hannah talks about the importance of asking questions and how to properly do it.

Hope you all enjoy the episode!

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