College Isn't the Only Path to Success
Discover the Degree Free Way!

Imagine a future where your child thrives, without sinking 4+ years and a fortune into college.

Together, we'll spotlight their passions and talents, and craft a future that doesn't leave them with $100,000+ debt.
Discover the Degree Free Way!
Ryan Maruyama and Hannah Maruyama from Degree Free


Ryan Maruyama and Hannah Maruyama from Degree Free with Blue Gradient Background

Guiding Your Teen's Future 

Want your child to succeed without wasting 4+ years of their life in college and putting them into crippling student debt?

Ryan and Hannah have been teaching Degree Free people how to do just that! They'll teach you and your child how to discover their direction, create an actionable career roadmap, and get hired, no degree needed! 

Since launching the Degree Free movement in 2021, they have grown a community of over 300,000 Degree Free people on TikTok (@degreefree) and through the Degree Free Podcast by teaching people how to find amazing jobs, get new skills, and earn great money!

The #degreefree hashtag has over 18,000,000 views.

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Discover the Degree Free Way!
A few people we've helped along the way.

Beth S.

From Roanoke, Virginia
"College never appealed to me.

 Thought about the military because I like to work on engines.

I was working in a restaurant, and then I found the Degree Free guide on Tiktok one day.

Used the instructions on how to keep applying for jobs, I got a spot in paid welding training program, and now I'm going to be an underwater welder!"

Mahea H.

From Honolulu, Hawaii
"The company I work at is great, and I've been there for 2 years.

My benefits are good but my job does not pay much. I have a lot of debt, and I realized I was not going to be able to pay it off, travel, and live a little unless I started to make more, but I really, really didn't want to quit.

The Degree Free guide showed me how to use my education credit at my company and transition into a new role. I didn't even have to move companies, and I'm really glad."

Mason K.

From Las Vegas, Nevada
"I teach middle school science. I love my kids, but not the job.

I felt like I needed to go back to school and try to figure out something else but with covid and just buying a house, it seemed like too much money.

The Degree Free guide showed me how to search for jobs and brainstorm, and laid out how Amazon has cheap education certifications for teachers and students. A lot of the jobs make over six figures.

It sounded crazy, but I did my own research, and I'll be taking my AWS exam over the summer and be applying to jobs in the fall."
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Going Degree Free isn't easy.
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